Senate Cites UFOs as ‘Potential Threat’

Senate Cites UFOs as 'Potential Threat'

( – We’ve all seen UFOs in the movies, but could they be real? Have aliens visited us? Well, thanks to the Republicans in the Senate, we may be about to find out.

This week the Senate Intelligence Committee asked several agency heads, including the Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and the Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, for a report on recent UFO sightings. Republicans on the committee made a special note that these UFOs, or unidentified aerial phenomena as they’re now called, could be a threat to our national security.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is leading the charge. He asked the government agencies to work together to prepare their detailed analysis and share intelligence on any previously detected UFOs. Rubio wants to see all of the data collected by measurement, geospatial, human, and signal intelligence.

The Senate Intel Committee is also asking for the federal government to name one official to oversee and coordinate all of the information collected by the agencies.

The Senators acknowledged that intelligence could be sensitive, but they’re pushing for an unclassified report they can share with the American people.

Are the UFOs a Threat?

This Spring, the Pentagon released some video footage of unidentified aerial phenomena. And now the Intel Committee wants to know if these UFOs are tied to adversarial foreign governments, which could pose a threat to the US military.

The declassified videos show UFOs being recorded by infrared cameras. In two of the videos, service members can be heard reacting in shock at how the objects were moving.

The Navy mentioned the videos in September of last year, but they officially released them in April. Pentagon spokesperson Sue Gough said they released the videos now because they wanted to clear up any misconceptions about whether the UFOs were real.

Senate Republicans say the report will be mostly unclassified. However, it will likely also include a classified annex. The committee has given Ratcliffe and Esper 180 days to submit their report.

Whether it shows that the UFOs are earthly visitors from a foreign country or aliens, it will certainly be interesting.

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