Sen. Tom Cotton Warns Biden Didn’t Do Enough During Asia Visit

Sen. Tom Cotton Warns Biden Isn't Doing Enough Through Asia Visit

Biden’s Latest Trip Had A Serious Problem – Tom Cotton Tells What Happened

( – President Biden is in foreign policy hot water again, after a senior Republican called him out for neglecting the threat of China to our Asian allies. Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) says Biden’s interest in the region is too little, too late. Biden is currently touring the Pacific, including visits to South Korea and Japan. But should he have done it sooner?

On May 22, Senator Cotton demanded “firmer action” on Beijing and its increasingly aggressive behavior. Cotton said Biden should have visited Asia early in his administration instead of focusing on Europe. The senator, who sits on the Intelligence and Armed Forces committees, warned China is conducting espionage against us and closing the gap in military power, as well as gaining access to ports in the western Pacific — a region where, he says, the Biden administration has been “asleep at the switch.”

Cotton warned tough talk isn’t enough, and needs to be backed up by action — action that, he says, the Biden administration isn’t taking. He said the Beijing regime only respects actions, and “unfortunately, Joe Biden’s actions right now just are not backing up any words.” Cotton made it clear that China is the biggest threat the US faces right now.

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