Self-Proclaimed Animal Psychic Says Pets Are “Interdimensional”

Self-Proclaimed Animal Psychic Says Pets Are

( – A woman who claims to be an “animal psychic” says the reason we form such deep connections with our pets is they’re interdimensional beings with powers humans don’t share.

Speaking to Coast to Coast AM on September 28, Lori Spagna told interviewers that animals speak a “universal language of energy” that lets them know things without having to analyze them. She says humans are now learning this language with the help of animals.

Spagna claims that cats are “generally interdimensional,” and can see entities in “non-physical interdimensional realms” that are invisible to humans. She says cats absorb these entities to prevent them from interfering with their humans’ lives, presumably because cats see interfering with our lives as their job. Other animals have their own jobs; elephants, apparently, are “keepers of the records of Earth.”

According to Spagna, who’s written a book called Animals In The Afterlife, animals (and humans) never actually die. Instead, they transition to higher states – but, if animals have a strong bond with a human, they stay around for a while to act as guides and teachers.

Spagna didn’t cite scientific evidence to back up any of her claims. Even so, the idea that animals could have this unique perception of the world that we don’t is an intriguing concept, isn’t it?

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