Secret Service Engages In Major Cover Up

Photo by Tabrez Syed on Unsplash

( – Former agent Dan Bongino claimed that certain Secret Service members were “furious” about the end of the investigation into the cocaine package that was discovered in the West Wing and proceeded to argue that investigators had most likely known who was behind the package.

Mary Margaret Olohan, a Daily Signal reporter, interviewed Bongino who claimed that the number of people who could potentially be responsible for the cocaine was under 200. He added that the coke had been in a plastic bag, which as a nonporous material is easy to take a latent print for. He added that they have to know who had done it, which means that the real question was who was pushing investigators to stop looking.

He added that this instruction had to come from the White House. He then proceeded to call on the Biden administration to not destroy the Secret Service in the way they did the White House, adding that many of his former Secret Service colleagues who are now retired are “furious” about the situation.

He added that he has received more than 50 messages from people who have called the situation “humiliating.” He noted that these were people who had been employed during the administrations of former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama and that they were not partisan.

He also questioned whether the cocaine had belonged to Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s son, or one of his friends which was why they were pushing for an end to the investigation. However, in the 12 years he had worked in the Secret Service they had never faced a problem like this one.

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