Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties Gaining Popularity in NC

Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties Gaining Popularity in NC

( – The popularity of Virginia’s Second Amendment sanctuary movement is starting to gain traction in North Carolina.

Counties across North Carolina are ensuring that their local governments are committed to standing up against any gun control measures that they believe are unconstitutional. So far, 11 counties have made this commitment with more set to vote in the coming weeks.

These counties are adopting this pro-Second Amendment movement for the same reasons Virginian counties did: a Democratic governor was set on infringing upon Second Amendment rights.

Gov. Roy Cooper signed an executive order in August that called for tougher background checks for anyone purchasing a gun. He also encouraged lawmakers to pass two gun-control bills. One would have banned large-capacity magazines while the other would let police or family members ask a court to take away someone’s gun if they believed that a person was a danger to others — known as the Red Flag Law.

Neither of the bills advanced any further, but that doesn’t mean the people of North Carolina are going to allow their rights to be trampled on.

On Monday, thousands of people from all over the US, including North Carolina, gathered in Virginia for a rally to defend their Second Amendment rights. The rally made it blatantly obvious that this is a topic the people won’t bend on.

It’ll be interesting to see if Cooper listens to the citizens of NC on this crucial matter.

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