Seattle Strikes Deal With Rebel Zone

Seattle Strikes Deal With Rebel Zone

( – Seattle city authorities have struck a deal with the anarchists and far-left activists who took over six blocks of downtown. They created the so-called “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone,” now renamed “Capitol Hill Organized Protest.” The city says the deal will make it easier for emergency services to enter the area – but there are serious questions about how well those services can work in the anarchic zone.

Under the deal negotiated by Mayor Jenny Durkan, whose over-tolerant approach to the protest has been seriously criticized by President Trump, the lawless zone will be reduced to three blocks. At the same time, the wooden barricades set up by the protestors are being replaced by concrete barriers.

Meanwhile, it’s being reported that fire crews have been unable to get access to the zone and the area around it where the protestors are patrolling.

On Monday, protestors attacked a business just outside the zone and forced the owner to release an arsonist he’d detained. Despite a dozen 911 calls, the owner says neither fire nor police responded to the incident.

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