Seattle Plays Race Card With Segregated Training

Seattle Plays Race Card With Segregated Training

( – The city of Seattle has sparked controversy after sending White employees – and only White employees – to a re-education session aimed at “undoing whiteness.” The Session took place on June 12, but details only emerged this week after a local journalist filed a public records request.

Handouts given at the session can be seen in the following Twitter thread.

In the two and a half-hour session, the staff was told it had to give up “guaranteed physical safety,” which in fact nobody has, to deliver racial justice. Topics included how to “examine our complicity” in white supremacy, “interrupting racism” and an explanation of why white people should turn down promotions at work.

It’s not clear who delivered the training. The documents delivered as part of the records request had been redacted to hide who sent out the original invitations to the event, and the city has refused to give the names of the diversity trainers or say how much the event cost taxpayers.

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