SCOTUS May Force Union to Repay Dues

SCOTUS May Force Union to Repay Dues

( – A former public worker is asking the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) to force the labor union to repay his dues since the court ruled them unconstitutional.

Mark Janus is a former child support specialist in Illinois. He’s also the anti-union advocate responsible for winning a SCOTUS case two years ago, which found the union dues he was forced to pay unconstitutional.

However, the appeals court ruled that the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) does not have to pay back the dues it collected before the Supreme Court’s decision.

Janus takes issue with and is appealing the decision. Patrick Hughes, president of the Liberty Justice Center, says that Janus is not alone.

“Workers across the country are rightfully asking for their money back,” Hughes said, adding that it’s time to “finally hold unions accountable for their years of unconstitutional behavior.”

The district court and the Seventh Circuit both ruled that since AFSCME believed it was acting legally when it collected the dues, the union does not have to repay them. However, Janus and many others disagree.

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