Scientists Shocked By Case Study of Man Who Can Control Pupils

Scientists Shocked By Case Study of Man Who Can Control Pupils

( – Researchers have made a new discovery that has shaken their understanding of our nervous system. Scientists thought they had a pretty good idea of how much control we have over our own bodies. Now, they’re not so sure.

The iris in the human eye is an amazing organ. Not only can it expand and contract the pupil seamlessly to let in the perfect amount of light or sharpen focus for close-in vision; it can do it incredibly fast. One reason it’s so fast is that it’s an automatic process. Our nervous system handles it all without thought; our conscious brains aren’t in the loop.

Or are they?

Now, scientists at Utrecht University in the Netherlands have found a 23-year-old man who they believe can change the size of his pupils at will. When he was 16, the German man, whose name was given as DW, realized that he had some control over the size of his pupils. Through practice he developed the ability, and now he can expand or shrink them on command.

It’s the first time this ability has been seen, and the researchers used brain scans to work out how he does it. It isn’t just a curiosity, either; by shrinking his pupils, DW was able to focus on close objects more sharply than he could without using his strange ability. The question is, is it a strange ability – or is it one we all have, if we can figure out how to do it?

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