Scientists Attempt to Explain Alien Abduction Claims

Scientists Attempt to Explain Alien Abduction Claims

( – Thousands of Americans claim to have been abducted, and often experimented on, by extraterrestrial beings. It’s a belief that has sparked endless conspiracy theories. Now, a team of researchers think they’ve found an explanation.

A team of scientists at the Phase Research Center, a private sleep study center in Moscow, Russia, has just finished a series of experiments on 152 “lucid dreamers” – people who have at least some control over what happens in their dreams. In a July 2 paper, they revealed details of 114 dream interactions with extraterrestrials, including many elements familiar from alien abduction stories. Of the test subjects, 61% reported meeting aliens that looked like ones from novels or movies. One described being blinded by a white light, while another said they were taken to a room and experimented on.

Of course, we know that all these experiences were dreams – and the researchers think all the other alien abductions people report are dreams, too. Around 55% of people experience lucid dreaming at least once in their lives, while 23% do so at least once a month. What makes lucid dreams different is the person is much more aware than during a normal dream – and it can be difficult to tell what’s real and what isn’t.

Do extraterrestrials travel all the way from the depths of our own imaginations?

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