School BANS Flag After Lives Were Saved!

School Bans Pro-Police Flag

School Bans Pro-Police Flag

( – A California school has banned its football team from carrying a Thin Blue Line flag — even though cops saved students’ lives just three years ago. The school made the controversial decision after woke complaints about the symbol. Now, parents are pushing back.

On October 3, a California parent told journalists her son’s school has recently banned the football team from carrying a Thin Blue Line flag, a US flag that’s become a symbol of support for law enforcement. Athletes at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, CA started carrying the flag after a 2019 mass shooting that killed two students and injured three more; a quick response by local cops prevented a much worse tragedy.

It doesn’t seem controversial that Saugus students would want to support the police, but it seems some people — who have no connection to the school — don’t agree. The local chapter of the NAACP claimed the flag can “stoke division, injustice, and exclusion,” and others have claimed it’s used by white supremacists.

Administrators at William S Hart Union High School District were running scared, and complained to the football team’s coach, and the flag was dropped. Parent Lexi Hawk told Fox news her son thinks the decision was “ridiculous,” and it seems many agree. On October 7, for the first time since the shooting, the team didn’t run the flag onto the field before the game — but dozens of supporters waved them from the bleachers or wore them on T-shirts.

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