Sanctuary State for Gun Owners Declared

Sanctuary State for Gun Owners Declared

( – Democrats have used the concept of sanctuary states and cities to promote illegal immigration, but now Republicans have turned it around on them. On Monday, North Dakota became the latest state to declare itself a sanctuary for gun owners.

On April 26, North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum (R) signed a proclamation that sets the state on a collision course with President Biden’s anti-gun agenda. The administration is planning a series of new restrictions on Second Amendment rights, including model red flag laws and a broadening of short-barreled rifle rules. Burgum says his proclamation signals North Dakota’s determination to “firmly resist” any federal infringements of the right to keep and bear arms.

In addition to the proclamation, Burgum signed 10 new gun bills passed by the state legislature. Among other things, these bills expand constitutional carry rights, make the state a Stand Your Ground jurisdiction, protect access to gun stores and create an armed escort option for first responders.

North Dakota is at least the fifth state to introduce 2A sanctuary laws since Biden’s inauguration, with Nebraska, Arizona and Montana protecting gun rights earlier this month and Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt (R) signing a similar law within hours of Burgum’s proclamation.

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