Russian Soldiers Flee as Ukraine Takes Advantage

Russian Soldiers Flee as Ukraine Takes Advantage

Russians Are FLEEING Ukraine – Putin’s Chain Of Command Disintegrated

( – Ukrainian forces have made a major breakthrough, liberating large amounts of territory from the Russian invaders. Reports from the front line say Russian soldiers are abandoning their weapons and fleeing, changing into regular civilian clothes to “avoid detection”.

At least part of its army appears to have already disintegrated, according to intelligence reports gathered by The Telegraph. A surprise Ukrainian counterattack that began on September 7, while Russia was distracted by an ongoing offensive in the southern Kherson region, has reclaimed around 1,100 square miles of land near Kharkiv in the east.

Key transport hubs at the cities of Kupyansk and Izyum have been recaptured along with dozens of other towns and villages. Ukrainian troops from the volunteer Kraken battalion say the Russian front line has collapsed, causing enemy troops to flee under pressure.

Dozens of armored vehicles have been abandoned as their crews run away. Western-supplied HIMARS and MLRS rocket systems have been pounding Russian supply lines, leaving many of its troops without essentials. Now, they’ve abandoned so much that the Ukrainians are struggling to collect and redistribute it all to their own units.

Ukrainian troops and volunteers are doing the fighting, but heavy weapons and supplies donated by the US, UK, and Poland, along with other countries, have made this new offensive possible.

Should the US continue to help or let the allies carry the load going forward?

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