Russian Invasion of Ukraine “Very Likely”

Russian Invasion of Ukraine

( – Tensions in Europe are rising higher than ever, as a senior Democrat admitted a Russian invasion of Ukraine is now “very likely.” The Biden administration is threatening to use any measures short of war to stop the invasion – but will it be enough?

On January 2, Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA), who chairs the House Intelligence Committee, told CBS “enormous sanctions” would be needed to deter the Russian invasion that’s likely to take place.

Since November, elements of five major Russian Army formations – 6, 41, 49 and 58 Combined Arms Armies, and 1 Guards Tank Army – have moved up to staging areas close to the Ukrainian border, joining 8 and 20 Combined Arms Armies which were already there. Satellite photos show armored units and all their combat support deployed in temporary field camps. From these locations, they could move out in a combat march straight into the attack, and Ukraine’s military would have little chance of stopping them.

President Biden is due to speak to Russian leader Vladimir Putin this week in an attempt to defuse the situation, but Russia would find it hard to back down from its demands without looking weak. With Biden focusing on economic sanctions as a response to any invasion, and ruling out US troops deploying in Ukraine, Putin could be tempted to gamble on the US backing down instead. It’s a dangerous game, and the stakes are high.

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