Russian Insider Says Quiet Part Out Loud—Reign Of Terror Coming To a Close

Russian Official Claims Putin's Days Are Numbered

Russian Official Claims Putin’s Days Are Numbered

( – Municipal deputies from Russia, Dmitry Baltrukov, Nikita Yuferev, Ivan Chebotar, and Anna Kiseleva, recently called for the removal of Russian President Vladimir Putin from power. Soon afterward, a court in St. Petersburg charged them with fines for the offense. Putin subsequently issued a conscription decree to increase his troop numbers to fight in Ukraine. Baltrukov is now being called to duty.

The municipal deputy insists Putin’s days are numbered, and his “reign is…closer to the end.” He believes the leader is guilty of treason and has been steadily losing the support of his people since the beginning of the war in February.

The Russian president’s call for additional troops was only supposed to apply to reservists and those who previously served in the military. Baltrukov says he has no such experience, yet enlistment officers visited his home to deliver a notice calling him to duty. The official was not home at the time and did not heed the call.

After the announcement of the draft, many people fled the motherland to avoid going to war, as the conscription not only targeted those with military experience but students, old people, and the disabled as well.

Do you think Putin’s shrinking support means he’s near the end of his reign?

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