Russian Diplomat Speaks Out on Relationship With US Ahead of Private Call

Russian Diplomat Speaks Out on Relationship With US Ahead of Private Call

( – Russian officials talked about their relations with the US on Monday, and they’re not impressed. Tensions between the countries are high, and it doesn’t look like they’re going to improve anytime soon.

On December 6, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov spoke to reporters ahead of a video call between President Biden and Russian leader, Vladimir Putin. Peskov said the relationship between Washington and Moscow is “quite lamentable,” and said Russia needs security guarantees from the US to start reducing the tension.

Right now, the West is worried about a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine – but Russia is worried Ukraine will join NATO, bringing the alliance right up to Russia’s border. For historical reasons, Russia is paranoid about being invaded, and the way NATO has expanded east since the end of the Cold War makes Putin very nervous. Now, he wants a legally binding guarantee that NATO won’t encroach any further into what Moscow sees as its buffer zone – but there’s no sign Biden’s prepared to give that guarantee.

Peskov said Putin wants another summit with Biden, to discuss the implementation of what they discussed at their last meeting in June. Russia has legitimate concerns – but it’s also behaving aggressively toward Ukraine and the Baltic states. It’s a tense and potentially dangerous situation.

Is Biden up to the challenge of convincing Putin an invasion of Ukraine is not good for either side, and at the same time, satisfying Putin’s need for that warm fuzzy feeling regarding NATOs plans?

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