Russia Reportedly Pleased By Cooperation With China

Russia Reportedly Pleased By Cooperation With China

( – Russia and China are among the US’ biggest adversaries. Intelligence agencies have said both countries have tried to meddle in our elections and threatened the US military with the use of force. The nations are also allies of one another and recently, Russia expressed pleasure over their cooperation agreement.

On August 13, the Sibu/Cooperation-2021 wargames between Russia and China concluded. More than 10,000 troops took part in the air, sea, and land drills. Since the two countries began cooperating with one another back in 2005, this is reportedly the first time Russia has visited China to participate in such an event. During a meeting with Wei Fenghe, his Chinese counterpart, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said the two countries “achieved a high level of interaction” with their armed forces and they plan to expand on it in the future.

Both the Chinese and Russian governments have expressed a desire to expand their powers across the world. As part of that quest, Russia annexed Crimea, part of Ukraine, in 2014. It has also become more influential in the Middle East.

China has recently expressed its desire to join Taiwan with the rest of the nation, by force if necessary. The Communist country has also used its ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ in a plan to connect more than 70 countries across the globe as a means to expand its power.

Both nations have long expressed disdain for US strength and leadership in the world. In April, US intelligence warned that these countries are trying to erode America’s geopolitical influence. Could that be the point of these wargames?

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