Russian Politicians Approve Lifetime Immunity for Presidents (REPORT)

Russia Politicians Approve Lifetime Immunity for Presidents (REPORT)

( – Russian President Vladimir Putin got an early Christmas present on Wednesday, December 9, when legislators backed a new draft law that gives him and his successors lifetime immunity from prosecution – for anything he’s ever done.

Russian presidents already have full legal immunity for crimes they committed while they were in office, but the new law – an amendment to the Russian constitution – goes much further. It makes the president and his family immune to detention, arrest or interrogation, and bans any search of his communications, office or home. It also extends their immunity to any crimes committed during their lifetimes. That immunity can only be struck down if the president is accused of treason or other serious crimes, and the upper house of Russia’s parliament has to approve the waiver.

The amendment also allows Putin to run for president twice more, resetting his two-term limit. Whatever he plans to do with his new immunity, he can keep doing it for a while longer.

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