Rudy Giuliani’s Son Is Running

Rudy Giuliani's Son Is Running

( – The FBI raid on former Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani last month has backfired massively; now his son has stepped up to enter the New York gubernatorial race and challenge Democrat incumbent Andrew Cuomo.

On May 18, Andrew Giuliani told Fox News, “I’m in,” launching his attempt to unseat the floundering Cuomo. Many New Yorkers are already sick of their governor after his bungled handling of the COVID pandemic condemned thousands to death. Now, Giuliani plans to offer them a positive alternative.

“New York deserves a leader who will fight to make it the greatest state in America once again,” he said. In an interview with the New York Post, Giuliani referenced his father’s time as mayor of NYC, describing himself as a born politician.

While Giuliani has been pondering a run at the elected office for a while, the April 28 raid on his father’s apartment office might have been the last straw that made the decision for him. The Biden administration could regret its hubris in harassing the former president’s personal attorney.

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