Ron DeSantis to Strip Schools of Funding That Defied Freedom Orders

Ron DeSantis to Strip Schools of Funding That Defied Freedom Orders

( – In July 2021, Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) signed an executive order preventing schools in Florida from implementing mask mandates. Twelve counties defied the order, so state Rep. Randy Fine (R-FL) proposed the governor strip $200 million in educational funding from the areas that broke the law.

Although some see the move as an unconstitutional retaliation, Fine reminded them “following the law” is not a choice but a requirement. Florida’s governor is backing the proposal, which already passed the Florida House on February 16.

The educational community already spoke out against the penalties, stating their classrooms are already struggling from low spending limits. School advocate Jabari Hosey said Brevard county needs the money to bring in more teachers because the area is still struggling from shortages due to the pandemic.

Fine stated the proposal was to punish those who didn’t “fall in line” with DeSantis’ order and reward those who did. If the leader signs the legislation, experts believe it will face challenges under the law. Those affected believe the move will only hurt the children of Florida and are hoping the Senate agrees not to pass the measure. However, if it doesn’t pass, the legislature may be sending a message that following the law is optional.

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