Ron DeSantis Shoots Down 2024 Rumors

Ron DeSantis Shoots Down 2024 Rumors

( – Florida Governor and Donald Trump ally Ron DeSantis (R) dismissed suggestions that he’s gearing up for a 2024 White House run. Calling the claims “nonsense,” DeSantis made clear that his main focus is running Florida.

On September 7, Governor DeSantis appeared at a press conference to talk about an advanced medical unit in his state. During the conference, he took the opportunity to flatten speculation about a presidential bid, which he said is “purely manufactured.” He continued, “I just do my job,” and pointed out that with Florida taking the lead on many issues, he’s working hard enough already.

DeSantis, who became governor in 2018, proved to be a staunch ally of the former president. Trump was an early endorser of DeSantis’s gubernatorial campaign and has praised his performance as governor multiple times. In April, Trump said he would consider him as a running mate for his own probable 2024 bid.

DeSantis hasn’t commented on the possibility of partnering up with Trump, although he’s indicated that for now, he’s entirely focused on his own state. That said, if he does ever decide to try for the Oval Office, it’s hard to think of a better stepping stone than the vice-presidency in a second Trump administration.

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