Ron DeSantis Says Biden Is Using Plan to Find “Scapegoat” to Trick Americans

Ron DeSantis Says Biden Is Using Plan to Find

( – Florida’s governor has struck out at the Biden administration’s attacks on Red states, accusing the president of seeking scapegoats to cover up his own bungled handling of the pandemic.

On January 9, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) gave an interview to Fox News about the current COVID situation, and he was harshly critical of the administration. Tensions between DeSantis and President Biden have been rising for months, and DeSantis tries to protect the rights and livelihoods of Floridians while Biden veers ever further into authoritarianism. The latest flashpoint is Biden’s failure to send Florida enough doses of monoclonal antibody therapy.

DeSantis criticized the federal government, influenced by Dr. Anthony Fauci, for focusing on vaccinations and masks in an unsuccessful attempt to stop COVID spreading, while being hostile to people who focus on treating the disease. “I think they just have tunnel vision in terms of how they want to handle this,” he said. “It hasn’t worked obviously.”

According to DeSantis, Biden’s widely publicized feuds with Republican governors – most prominently himself and Texas Governor Greg Abbott – are an attempt to divert attention from his own failures. DeSantis reminded viewers that during the election campaign, Biden promised to bring COVID under control. Almost a year into his administration, it’s still running wild. Is DeSantis right to say the president is trying to shift the blame onto GOP governors?

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