Ron DeSantis Praises Trump As He Targets Joe Biden

Ron DeSantis Praises Trump As He Targets Joe Biden

( – Florida’s governor slammed President Biden’s record on the Ukraine crisis on Monday – and pointed out the previous president would have done a much better job at containing Russian aggression.

At a February 28 press conference, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) criticized Biden for taking away the US’ key economic weapon against Russian strongman Vladimir Putin. DeSantis said it was vital for the US to hit Russian energy exports, which are the main money source for Russia’s economy. “The problem with that,” he said, “is [Biden] has stepped on the neck of our domestic energy here in the United States.”

DeSantis has been a long-term critic of Biden’s energy policy, which mostly consists of hamstringing domestic energy production and sinking money into unreliable green alternatives. Now it’s left us unable to take up the slack if Russian exports are cut off.

DeSantis pointed out that under President Trump the US had become self-sufficient in energy, but now “they’re importing millions of barrels of oil from Russia” and losing vital leverage over Putin. He praised Trump’s strong focus on foreign policy – which almost everyone agrees has been a weakness of the Biden administration – and added, “when Trump was president, [Russia] didn’t take anything.”

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