Ron DeSantis on Joe Rogan: “Tell Them to Pound Sand”

Ron DeSantis on Joe Rogan:

( – The ongoing saga of controversy between popular podcast host Joe Rogan of “The Joe Rogan Experience” continues. While Spotify staunchly refuses to censor his content, a long list of left-leaning musicians and everyday citizens want him canceled instead. Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) recently spoke out against those detractors in a big way while also sharing a little friendly advice to help Rogan cope.

Sound Advice

During a February 8 episode of Fox News Digital, a clearly incensed DeSantis first blasted liberal media outlets for sowing division. Speaking matter-of-factly, he explained that the woke mob “will come for people,” but said, “…they’re targeting Rogan because he’s threatening to upset the apple cart.”

The governor also seemed to dismiss suggestions Rogan somehow acted inappropriately or violated some unspoken social rule. Instead, he feels the podcast host simply provides a platform for opposing views, granting followers the right to decide for themselves.

DeSantis also pointed out a perfect example of leftist hypocrisy: the woke mob claims Rogan is against the vax, yet the host has advocated for its use in the elderly and people with comorbidities in the past.

As for what Rogan should do about it? DeSantis had plenty of opinions about that, too, and they all center around the idea that there is nothing about which he needs to apologize.

“Don’t give [them] an inch,” he said. “…Tell them to pound sand.”

Joe Rogan Timeline

Rogan’s troubles first began when 260 medical professionals penned an open letter to Spotify complaining about COVID-19 misinformation within “The Joe Rogan Experience” series. They took particular issue with one episode featuring Dr. Robert Malone, accusing him of sharing baseless conspiracy theories. The group asked the platform to implement a misinformation policy.

The request triggered a firestorm of debate. Singer Neil Young released an official statement a short time later threatening to pull his music from the platform if Spotify didn’t comply. By the next day, Joni Mitchell and a slew of other artists had already made the same complaint.

Then, Rogan suddenly faced another incident: singer India Arie released a compilation video of him using the N-word in multiple episodes of his podcast. Rogan opted to apologize, and tried to explain he used the word not as an insult, but in debates about racism.

Warning: the video contains strong language.

Spotify’s CEO Daniel Ek later blasted Rogan for his lackadaisical approach to the N-word, but also clarified the platform did not — and will not — censor the podcast host for his views.

Fast forward to February 10. As of right now, Rogan is still present on the Spotify platform. Yet, he also opted to remove over 100 episodes in recent days. Some feel this amounts to giving in to the woke mob, while others see it as a smart way to compromise with the left.

What do you think?

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