Ron DeSantis Goes NATIONAL – A Turning Point?

Ron DeSantis Ranks #1 Nationally

Ron DeSantis Ranks #1 Nationally

( – If you’ve ever wondered who’s the most popular politician in the US, a new poll has the answer. Of course, it might not be the one you were expecting — and if you’re a Democrat, it certainly isn’t the one you wanted to hear.

An October 12-13 poll from Harris and Harvard University’s Center for American Political Studies asked respondents to give their opinion of leading US politicians. The results are depressing for the Left, but a major boost for the GOP. The top four are all Republicans, with former President Donald Trump in 4th place, Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) in 3rd and former VP Mike Pence 2nd. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is the clear winner.

Even President Joe Biden is impressed with DeSantis’s performance as governor. Following his leadership after Hurricane Ian, the president praised DeSantis as “pretty remarkable.” Conservatives are just as impressed, with many seeing him as the future of the Republican Party. The new poll adds a lot of weight to the argument.

Whatever happens at next month’s midterm elections, the poll makes clear the public prefers Republican politicians as individuals — the highest-ranked non-Republican was Senator Bernie Sanders (VT), an independent, in 5th place — and DeSantis as the favorite. Could that secure him the GOP presidential nomination in 2024?

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