Robbery Victim Shoots Man Who Attacked Him

Robbery Victim Shoots Man Who Attacked Him

Robbers AMBUSH Innocent Man – INSTANTLY Regret It

( – In the wee hours of the morning on August 19, a man was returning to his home at the Doral Club Apartments in San Antonio, Texas, when three armed men allegedly jumped out of a vehicle with intent to do him harm. Instead of handing over his possessions, the Texan pulled out a gun of his own and fatally shot one of the suspects in the neck.

When the other suspects saw the victim was serious about defending himself, they fled the scene. One took off in a car, leaving the others to run away on foot. Police are still looking for the other parties but have no leads so far. The investigation into the incident is ongoing, but there have been no charges levied against the man.

In The Lone Star State, concealed carry laws permit citizens to carry weapons on their person, as long as they meet certain requirements. Those include an age limit, firearm eligibility status, and a clean record. Luckily for the man simply returning home from a long day, he was prepared to respond to a threat to his life in kind.

Do you think the Texas resident made the right decision in this case, or do you feel his defense was unjustified?

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