RNC Speaker: ‘Be a Radical for Liberty’

RNC Speaker: 'Be a Radical for Liberty'

(TargetLiberty.org) – Madison Cawthorn shared a powerful message of love for the country during a fiery speech delivered on the Republican National Convention’s (RNC) third night.

Cawthorn, the 25-year-old candidate for North Carolina’s 11 Congressional District, will be the youngest person to serve as a US Congressman in 200 years if he’s elected in November.

Paralyzed from a car accident when he was only 18-years-old, the candidate spoke of the country’s adversity. He told the audience he decided to make a difference when he was 20 despite the urge to give up.

America has a choice to make in 2020, too, he added. The people can give up on American ideals, or they can work towards a better union.

Continuing, Cawthorn aimed at Democrats and their passion for identity politics, which fly in the face of Martin Luther King’s dream for America. Calling on conservatives and Liberals to work together for a greater America, he told viewers to “Be a radical for liberty” and freedom.

Rising from his wheelchair, he invoked the final passage from the Pledge of Allegiance, telling Americans that he stood for “One nation under God, with liberty, and justice for all.”

Now it’s up to you. Make a choice and vote this November to ensure your candidate wins. And while you’re at it, take a couple of friends with you to the polling station.

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