RNC Says Congress Should Not Be the One Investigating Attack on Capitol

RNC Says Congress Should Not Be the One Investigating Attack on Capitol

(TargetLiberty.org) – The Republican National Committee (RNC) is challenging Congress’s right to investigate last January’s Capitol riot. Republicans have always feared the committee would be used to attack them. Now they’re being proved right – and the GOP is pushing back.

This week, the media reported a lawsuit brought by the RNC argues Congress shouldn’t be carrying out its own investigation into the January 6 riots. The RNC is trying to block a subpoena, issued by the House select committee, that targets an email vendor used by the GOP – one of many invasive subpoenas it’s handed out.

The committee is demanding that email firm Salesforce hand over internal GOP communications about the 2020 election campaign. However, the party argues this would give the committee members “unprecedented access” to Republican election strategies as well as personal information about supporters. As most of the committee members are Democrats — and RINOs — it’s easy to see why Republicans don’t want the data handed over – and now the RNC is arguing that Congress shouldn’t be investigating at all.

Newly-released court documents show the RNC supports an investigation into the riot, but says it’s the responsibility of the executive branch and law enforcement. The legislature is there to make laws, not enforce them. In their obsession with going after former president Donald Trump, congressional Democrats seem to have forgotten this.

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