Review of Trump Phone Call Logs Shows They’re Complete

Review of Trump Phone Call Logs Shows They're Complete

( – Democrats on the January 6 commission thought they’d scored a ‘gotcha’ moment against former president Donald J. Trump last week. Now, they might need to think again. An apparent seven-hour blank gap in Trump’s phone records that day doesn’t actually exist, according to the latest report by CNN.

On April 1, CNN confirmed that, despite allegations from the Left, the former president’s phone records for January 6, 2021 are actually complete. Democrats had jumped on the fact that White House records show a seven-hour period that day with no logged calls by the president. This was twisted into “evidence” that either Trump had been using untraceable burner phones or someone had tampered with the logs, both of which have not been confirmed.


The reality is when Trump was in the Oval Office, he rarely made calls through the White House switchboard. Instead, he often asked staff to place the calls directly, either on a White House landline or cell phone. Other times he made calls himself on a cell phone – and, again, the White House switchboard has no record of those calls.

It’s likely Trump’s official phone record for January 6 is particularly sparse, because his executive assistant Molly Michael was absent for most of the day.

Many Republicans have expressed worries that the January 6 committee is a witch hunt against Trump and his supporters. The uproar over the “missing” phone records looks like a classic case of this. Unluckily for the Left, the “evidence” of a cover-up is so flimsy that even the notoriously liberal CNN is refusing to go along with it.

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