Revealed: Hunter Biden Refuses to Acknowledge Daughter

Revealed: Hunter Biden Refuses to Acknowledge Daughter

Hunter Biden Wanted To Keep This Secret Hidden INDEFINITELY – He Failed!

( – By now, everyone knows Hunter Biden has led a checkered life. Over the last few years, his name has come up in a string of scandals covering everything from abused substances and narcotics to dodgy business deals. The fact that the president’s son fathered a baby with an Arkansas stripper is not a new discovery. What is shocking is that, according to investigative journalists, he refused to acknowledge the child.

On July 31, the Daily Wire, an online news site, revealed Hunter’s infamous laptop shows no sign of contact with Navy Joan, the infant daughter of exotic dancer Lunden Alexis Roberts. Emails reportedly found on his laptop contain several from Roberts in summer 2018, which prove to be from around the time her baby was due, but with no replies from Biden. The pregnant woman’s messages became more urgent, with the last one admitting, “it’s clear you don’t want to be reached.”

When Roberts first revealed Hunter Biden was the father of her child, he denied it. However, he agreed to a DNA test under pressure, which ended up confirming he is the little girl’s father. Yet, the Daily Wire says he’s refusing to take on his responsibilities or even acknowledge the girl’s existence.

Biden’s behavior has consequences. Roberts says she’s received threats because of her connection to the president’s family but can’t get any help with security. She says the Secret Service would immediately move to protect any of Biden’s other children, but “it’s like Navy Joan doesn’t matter.”

What do you think of this situation? Should Hunter Biden do more to protect this child?

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