Revealed – FAKE NETWORK Of News Websites Found – Here’s The List!

Fake Network of News Websites Found in Battleground States

Fake Network of News Websites Found in Battleground States

( – An investigation by a media website has uncovered a new Democratic dirty tricks campaign in multiple swing states. Dozens of fake news outlets are pumping out liberal propaganda thinly disguised as news — and they’re targeted at battleground states that will decide how Congress looks after November’s midterms.

On October 7, Axios revealed that a single media operation is controlling at least 51 websites across nine states — Colorado, Georgia, Michigan, New Hampshire, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin. All the sites have appeared in the last year, and they all follow the same pattern.

There’s just enough local news and content to make it look like a genuine media outlet, but the core of the site is political news and editorials with a heavy bias in favor of local Democrat candidates.

Axios has tracked these sites back to a source, and they’re not local at all. Most of the sites have email addresses that include the name local report, with the state abbreviation tacked on the end. Local Report, Inc is a for-profit business based in Orlando, FL and was set up last year, not long before the websites started appearing.

It’s likely that Local Report, Inc only exists as a plausible front for the campaign, because the real power behind the network is The American Independent (TAI), a Washington, DC-based media organization staffed by Democratic activists.

TAI was founded by David Brock, a former conservative journalist turned liberal, and its employees include former Democrat campaign chief Matt Fuehrmeyer and the sons of former senators Al Franken (D-MN) and Harry Reid (D-NV). Leftists like to complain about misinformation, but this is a whole network of fake news organizations — and it’s being run by Democrats.

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