“Return To Work” Backfire — General Motors SCRAMBLES After Employees Threaten Revolt

GM Postpones In-Office-Work Plans After Employee Pushback

GM Postpones In-Office Work Plans After Employee Pushback

(TargetLiberty.org) – Leaders at General Motors (GM) are facing a firestorm of criticism after pushing employees to return to the office for in-person work. Executives from the Detroit-based vehicle manufacturer issued a notice on September 27, stating all corporate workers would be expected to be present in person for at least a portion of the week in the near future. Just four days later, they had to abruptly reverse course.

The original memo from GM administrators reportedly mandated that corporate workers begin working from the office at least three days per week. It stated the new rule would take effect sometime in the near future and that the shift was a response to the waning pandemic.

The announcement prompted swift and severe criticism from workers. On an anonymous message board called Blind, several people claiming to be employees blasted the company for attempting to force them back into the office. They also accused the company of paying peanuts compared to other tech giants, such as Apple, and threatened to quit.

CEO Mary Barra responded to the criticism in a separate letter calling the original memo “unfortunate.” She and other administrators opted to walk back the timeline for the upcoming return-to-work order and apologized for releasing the update prematurely.

According to GM spokeswoman Maria Raynal, who spoke to the Detroit Free Press, the shift to in-person work will still take place. However, GM doesn’t plan to implement the upcoming change in policy until at least the first quarter of 2023. “The timing has shifted slightly, however, the overall plan has not changed,” she explained. In the meantime, the company intends to seek feedback from its employees.

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