Restaurant Owner Refuses to Serve Biden-Supporting Americans

Restaurant Owner Refuses to Serve Biden-Loving Americans

( – During former President Donald Trump’s administration, Liberals regularly refused to serve his supporters and even members of his administration. Now, the tables have turned. A business in Georgia doesn’t want anything to do with people who proudly support President Joe Biden.

An image began circulating on social media recently of a sign on the door of Appalachian Grill in Cartersville telling Biden supporters they aren’t welcome. The restaurant points to the rising inflation and depleted workforce as the reasons they don’t want to serve customers who voted for him. The business owners call their decision to vote for the Democrat “ignorant [and] naive.”

The sign was posted to Reddit’s “Anti-Work” forum by a woman who told Newsweek to call her Tina. She said she didn’t take the photo but lives nearby. According to her, the sign isn’t new. She said during the pandemic, the restaurant owners had other signs up “at different times that blame Liberals for various things.”

Although restaurants can’t refuse to serve someone based on their race, sexual orientation, gender, someone’s political leanings do not put them in a protected class. It’s no different than refusing someone service for not wearing a mask.

Do you support the restaurant owners who don’t want to serve Biden supporters?

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