Republicans Turn on Own Party

Republicans Turn on Own Party

( – It’s bad enough Never Trumpers want to destroy Donald Trump and his reelection bid. But now they’re also trying to hand the Senate majority over to the Democrats. They’re determined to make the Republican Party pay for supporting the president.

One of the RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) working against the GOP is Steve Schmidt. He works for the Lincoln Project, and it has been brutal in its attack ads. Schmidt says the group wants to burn it all down and fundamentally repudiate the pro-Trump Republicans. According to Schmidt, every GOP Senator except Mitt Romney should be voted out.

The Lincoln Project plans a major ad buy aimed at defeating Senate Repubs, including Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Martha McSally (R-AZ), Joni Ernst (R-IA), and Thom Tillis (R-NC). This is especially a problem because McSally, Ernst, and Tillis all face tough races in November.

They Want to Wipe Out Trumpism

Jennifer Horn, who advises the Lincoln Project, is a former GOP chairwoman from New Hampshire. She says the group is punishing the Senate Republicans because, while they had the ability and authority to challenge Trump, they never did.

Horn added that the only way to get rid of Trumpism and ensure it doesn’t continue to rule the GOP for years to come is to defeat both the president and those who’ve enabled him.

Walsh Is Back

Another RINO working to elect Democrats is former Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL). He plans to announce a new project next week targeting Senate Republicans in battleground states.

Walsh says every GOP senator up for reelection must lose in November. He’s working to give Dems complete control of Washington. And, while he acknowledges they will push legislation that he disagrees with, he says he has no choice.

Bill Kristol is another RINO working against his own party. He’s the neoconservative former editor of the Weekly Standard who now advises the Republican Voters Against Trump. He says he’s not too worried about what the Dems will do once they get total power because he thinks the more moderate members of the party will restrain them. Yeah, right.

Kristol justifies his turn on the GOP by claiming Democrats aren’t really “the cartoon version…” of the party that’s often portrayed on Conservative outlets like Fox News. “That’s not going to be the party that governs…,” he insists.

Never Trumpers are determined to punish the president and anyone who supports him. But if they get their way, it’s the country that’ll pay the price.

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