Republicans Thwart Chuck Schumer’s Effort to Shut Down Senate

Republicans Thwart Chuck Schumer's Effort to Shut Down Senate

( – Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) tried to stab the American people in the back again on October 20, when he launched a bid to throw out the coronavirus relief package the Senate leadership and administration are trying to pass. When that failed, he tried to shut down the Senate, grid-locking the entire legislature, but was defeated again.

Despite a Senate convention that the minority leader doesn’t take control of the floor, Schumer has done it twice this week. On Monday, he attempted to adjourn the Senate until November 9, but when the chair ordered a vote, Schumer was defeated by 48 votes to 42.

On Tuesday, he tried again, first demanding that Republicans ax their $500-billion plan for stimulus checks and boosted unemployment payments, which was thrown out by 52 votes to 45, then again demanded an adjournment until after the election. That was again beaten down by a vote of 52 to 43.

The real target of Schumer’s disruption tactics is Judge Amy Coney Barrett. The Democrat leader is determined to block her nomination, which the Senate is likely to confirm on Friday.

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