Republicans Release Ad Highlighting Solutions to Rising Gas Prices

Republicans Release Ad Highlighting Solutions to Rising Gas Prices

( – After months of rising gas prices and broken records (not the good kind), Americans in most places are finally seeing a glimmer of relief at the pumps. According to AAA, the national price dropped about two cents per gallon, on average, for the week of March 20. Republicans in one state are taking steps to speed up relief and a new ad highlights those efforts.

Conservatives in Maryland released an ad showing what Governor Larry Hogan (R) has done to help residents of his state at the pumps. The ad was created by An America United, a nonprofit organization that supports Hogan. It points out that the conservative governor was the first in the nation to suspend the gas tax in his state, doing something that helped the gas prices almost immediately.

According to AAA, the average price of gas in Maryland has fallen by 47 cents in the state since Hogan took action. The tax added 36 cents to each gallon of gas. The ad also calls on President Joe Biden to reverse his anti-energy policies that many conservatives believe have negatively impacted the price of gas. Hogan and 24 other GOP governors have called on Biden to make those changes.

Do you support Hogan and the GOP in their effort to lower gas prices?

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