Republicans Push The Envelope On Social Security

Photo by Anukrati Omar on Unsplash

( – Republicans are trying to increase the pressure on President Biden by switching the narrative related to Social Security. For months now the Democrats have maintained that the Republicans were looking to make a cut to the entitlement program. However, the GOP is now criticizing the administration for not taking time to address the insolvency threat that Social Security is facing.

During a number of hearings this past week, Republicans widely criticized the Biden administration and White House officials for not providing a plan that could actually help secure and save Social Security in the 2024 budget proposal recently released by President Biden.

Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) during his questioning of Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen during a Finance Committee hearing on Thursday, asking why from the $4.5 trillion in taxes that Biden has proposed no amount is set to go towards Social Security. He then proceeded to state that Biden does not actually care about the threats that the program faces due to lack of funding.

Last month the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimated that the program’s solvency would end in 2032. Yellen in response stated that Biden cared about that, but she was cut before she could provide more information.

Yellen also argued that Biden was ready to collaborate with Congress on that matter, however, Cassidy claimed that a bipartisan group of senators had asked to meet with him repeatedly to discuss Social Security, and yet they had not had any response about Biden.

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