Republicans Keep Losing In This One State

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

( – On Tuesday the Republicans lost in Pennsylvania again after Democrat Lindsay Powell won the special election for the 21st District House seat. Her win restored the Democrat majority in the state’s House of Representatives.

On Tuesday evening, Republican candidate Erin Connolly Autenreith conceded the race after receiving around 34 percent of the votes. Powell on the other hand won 65 percent of the vote. The Pennsylvania House is now divided fairly evenly with 102 Democrats and 101 Republicans. However, an Allegheny County spokesman noted that the results of the race were unlikely to be certified before early October.

This is the latest defeat for Pennsylvania’s Republicans who in 2022 lost the U.S. Senate battle and the gubernatorial race. In the Senate, the Democrat candidate John Fetterman won against TV personality and doctor Mehmet Oz who had the endorsement of former President Donald Trump. Trump had previously won the state in 2016 but subsequently lost it in the next presidential election. In 2024 Pennsylvania is considered one of the key swing states in the presidential race.

Following his defeat Autenreith stated that he had “ran a good race with limited funds” and that this was not going to be the last time the public heard from him.

Powell following her victory noted that the “district is made up of hardworking families” and they needed to have someone who would fight for them to have safe housing, good jobs, schools, and other community assets. She added that she was ready to start working for the community and for the rights of all those who live in it.

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