Republicans Investigate Lying Congressman

Photo by Ian Hutchinson on Unsplash

GOP Representative-elect George Santos, who has been in the headlines for fabricating information about his employment history, educational background, and heritage, is being called out by fellow first-term GOP Representative-elects.

Representative-elect Nick LaLota (R-N.Y.), whose district in Long Island borders Santos, issued a statement requesting Santos be investigated by the House Ethics Committee after Santos admitted he lied about his background.

LaLota’s statement highlights the growing tension within the GOP fueled by Santos’ questionable background.

In his statement, LaLota emphasized that he and other first-term House Republicans were “eager to be sworn in” to focus on their commitment to America and their respective districts.

He then revealed that in recent weeks “countless Long Islanders” had expressed being “deeply troubled” by the reports surrounding Santos.

LaLota then highlighted his background as a “Navy man” and the foundation of his campaign “restoring accountability and integrity” among elected officials when demanding a “full investigation [of Santos] by the House Ethics Committee.”

He also indicated that, should the situation require it, the investigation should extend to law enforcement.

Santos has faced extra scrutiny since a New York Times report pointed to discrepancies in his resumé.

Then, in an interview on Fox News on Monday (December 26), Santos admitted he had lied about his educational background, Jewish heritage, and position at firms like Goldman Sachs and Citigroup.

However, LaLota’s push for consequences wasn’t shared by every first-term Republican Representative-elect from Long Island.

Instead, Representative-elect Anthony D’Esposito called for Santos to “pursue a path of honesty.”