Republican’s Campaign Funds Get Frozen

Photo by David Knox on Unsplash

Rep. Nick LaLota is pushing for the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) to freeze the campaign accounts used by New York Republican Rep. George Santos following the investigations he is facing regarding the funding for his campaign.

LaLota took to Twitter on Sunday to write that the funds should be immediately frozen and it is up to federal agencies to take the lead and freeze them. In his statement, he added that Santos “fraudulently solicited” the funds contained in these accounts and a freeze would block Santos from completely draining them while he is facing investigations from multiple different authorities.

Outside of these recent calls by LaLota, six other Republican House Representatives have also been pushing Santos to resign following the reports that he had lied about his resume. LaLota was also one of the Representatives that called for the House Ethics Committee to launch a full investigation into Santos.

He further noted that Santos needed to go through Due Process both in regard to the House Ethics investigation as well as in terms of the criminal proceedings necessary to ensure that anyone who fell victim to Santos’ financial scams would receive their funds back.

According to recent reports Santos has lied about large parts of his resume and personal life. His lies include comments about where he went to school, his previous places of employment, and even his ancestry. Outside of the fabrications, Santos is also facing investigations about his finances, since in 2022 he donated $700,000 to his own campaign. However, two years prior his reported salary had only been $55,000.