Republicans Call For Impeachment Of Who?

Photo by Quick PS on Unsplash

( – On Tuesday, Rep. Bishop (R-North Carolina) became the first Republican to publicly express support for ousting Speaker McCarthy (R-California) following the debt ceiling deal that he reached with President Biden this past weekend.

On Tuesday, at a House Freedom Caucus press conference, many of the conservative members expressed their frustrations with the agreement and pushed for their colleagues to vote against the debt ceiling deal. Bishop was the only Republican during the conference to also bring up a motion to remove McCarthy from his position as Speaker.

Following the press conference, Bishop told reporters that he believed this had to be “done.” However, while he expressed support for ousting the Speaker, he did not say whether or not he would be filing a motion to vacate the chair which would in turn trigger a vote that could have McCarthy removed from his position. Bishop argued that he would need to decide whether to file such a motion in “conjunction with others.”

For months, hard-line conservative Republicans have dismissed questions about the possibility of McCarthy being ousted if the debt ceiling deal he reached was not fitting the standards they had set forth. Members of the House Freedom Caucus and other lawmakers expressed frustration about the debt ceiling deal which they perceive to not include enough spending cuts.

Representative Chip Roy (R-TX.), referred to the debt ceiling deal as a “bad deal” and stated that no Republicans should vote in favor of it.

While the deal includes spending cuts, adds work requirements to the public assistance programs, and rescinds all pandemic funds that remain unspent, it does not actually include any significant spending cuts.

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