Republicans Break Down Chinese Spy Balloon Controversy

Photo by Rodion Kutsaiev on Unsplash

( Republicans have recently responded to the new claims that similar suspected Chinese spy balloons had also flown over the country during the Trump administration.

On Saturday the U.S. military brought down the Chinese spy balloon near South Carolina. Before it was brought down the balloon had traveled across the United States. On Friday, former President Donald Trump had taken to his Truth Social platform to urge for the balloon to be brought down.

President Biden informed reporters on Saturday that he had given the order for the balloon to be brought down from the first briefing on Wednesday, however, his military officials had advised that it was best to wait until the balloon was over water. This was because of fear about the damage that the debris from the balloon being shot down could cause.

A defense official also released a statement in which they claimed that on three separate occasions, Chinese balloons had traveled into the United States during the Trump administration. They further claimed that this is the second such incident in the Biden administration.

Trump on Truth Social completely denied that there was any such incident during his administration. He further called the entire situation a “disgrace” and noted that the Biden administration was “grossly incompetent.”

Finally, he noted that the only reason they are making these claims is to take the heat off of themselves, but during the Trump administration, China had respected Trump so much that they would not have sent a balloon into the country.

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