Republican Congresswoman Discusses Most Important Factor in 2022 Election

Republican Congresswoman Reveals Most Important Factor In 2022 Election

( – A rising star in the congressional GOP has put her finger on what’s needed for victory in next year’s midterm elections – hanging on to the legacy of Donald Trump.

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) told Breitbart on Saturday that retaining the support of voters energized by the former president was vital if Republicans want to regain control of the House. She urged politicians to listen to voters, adding that she does that every day in her own district – where Trump had a 10-point lead in last year’s election.

Stefanik is being discussed as a possibility for the Republican conference chair, a role currently held by Trump naysayer Liz Cheney (R-WY). She told Breitbart the conference chair’s job is to be a “unified voice” that can speak for most House Republicans, and Cheney – who voted with the Democrats to impeach the former president – certainly isn’t doing that right now. Trump himself, still widely known as the leader of the GOP, has called Stefanik “a tough and smart communicator” and endorsed her for the job.

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