Republican Candidates Trail Behind Democrats in Small Donation Figures

Republican Candidates Trail Behind Democrats in Small Donation Figures

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( – As campaigns begin to heat up for the midterm elections in November, many are seeing a stark difference in fundraising between Democrats and Republicans in some areas. In fact, an Axios analysis found the Right seems to be struggling to garner as many “small-dollar” donations as their opponents on the Left. The shortfall totals up to over a $75-million gap.

In Georgia, incumbent Senator Raphael Warnock (D) has raised about $14 million from small donors, whereas his opponent, Republican candidate Herschel Walker, trails behind, having only raised $8 million. Further south in Florida, the Democrat trying to unseat Senator Marco Rubio (R), Val Demings, raked in more than double that of the sitting lawmaker. Traveling west to Arizona, Senator Mark Kelly (D) has raised almost $23 million from lower-dollar supporters, but his three GOP challengers have barely brought in $2 million collectively.

In Pennsylvania, congressional candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz (R) recently said the “MAGA movement is dying” in an attempt to bring in more cash to his lagging campaign.

That said, many Red candidates are still bringing in lots of money from high-dollar donors, keeping several races competitive. Although money isn’t everything and doesn’t necessarily win elections, smaller amounts of donations could indicate grassroots support from everyday Americans.

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