Republican Candidate Calls for America-First Candidates

Republican Candidate Calls for America-First Candidates

Top Republican Explains What’s At Stake This Coming November

( – A Republican Senate hopeful has hit out at RINOs and the GOP’s anti-Trump faction. Eric Greitens, a former Missouri governor who’s now running for the Senate, called for “real America First fighters” to step up for November’s midterm elections.

Greitens responded to former President Donald Trump’s criticism of his GOP rival in Missouri’s Senate primary while talking to Breibart. On July 9, Trump took to his Truth Social platform, saying Vicky Hartzler had asked him for his endorsement, but that he was “anything but positive” about her ability to take on the Democrats and voters should “forget about Vicky Hartzler.” Greitens told host Matt Boyle that Trump is “RINO hunting” and Missourians love it. Greitens himself ran a spoof RINO hunter ad last month.

Greitens is a strong supporter of Trump’s MAGA project and an equally strong opponent of RINOs who don’t support the former president. He said the GOP “cannot have weaklings” who won’t fight the Left and the mainstream media. As for Hartzler, Trump’s words could be a fatal blow to her campaign. So far in this primary cycle, all 13 Senate candidates endorsed by Trump have won their primaries. He still has to endorse a candidate in Missouri, but the choice has now narrowed to Greitens or the state’s Attorney General, Eric Schmitt. One thing’s for sure; it isn’t going to be Hartzler.

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