Representative Accuses Pentagon of Strategic Military Failures

Representative Accuses Pentagon of Strategic Military Failures

( – On April 5, the House Armed Services Committee held a budget meeting to examine the proposed 2023 spending numbers for the Department of Defense. During the discussions, Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) demanded to know why US taxpayers are paying for woke lectures that talk about socialism. He then accused the Pentagon of failures in its strategies and embracing a socialist mindset.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin retorted it was a shame Gaetz was embarrassed by his country, implying the congressman was unpatriotic.

That’s when the meeting really got heated, as the Florida lawmaker shot back that he was not embarrassed by the United States, just of Austin’s leadership.

Gaetz went on to say the US is losing to China in the area of hypersonic missiles, and the Pentagon has made several erroneous calls as of late. One of those predictions was about Russia easily winning the war against Ukraine, and the other was their assessment of how quickly the Taliban would take over Afghanistan. He said the department “blew those calls.”

The defense secretary denied embracing socialism at several points during the exchange and stated the United States still has the “most capable” force in the world. Do you agree with Gaetz about the direction of the military’s focus?

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