Reporters Get Too Personal With 2024 GOP Candidate

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

( – Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley criticized a reporter for their email seeking comment on the “slight backlash” over the outfit she had worn to her daughter’s wedding. As she said it is occasions that this makes people not trust the media.

On Sunday, Haley posted a photo of herself at her daughter’s wedding where she appeared to be wearing an off-white dress. Many criticized the outfit choice as the color was close to the wedding dress color. Many media networks also picked up on the story and wrote several stories on it. One of those came from Newsweek reporter Gerrard Kaonga, who emailed Haley about the whole situation following the Twitter reactions.

In the email, Kaonga wrote that he was writing to request comments following the incident regarding the dress. He continued on to say that many have claimed that Haley should not be wearing a dress that is in a color so close to the bride’s white.

Haley proceeded to take to Twitter, attaching screenshots from the email, stating that reporters were spending their time “harassing” Republicans over their clothing choices and that this was why many people did not trust the media.

Haley proceeded to state that her dress was gold. In the meantime, Kaonga published a piece on Friday morning titled “Nikki Haley’s Dress at Daughter’s Wedding Sparks Fierce Debate,” which featured many online criticisms by individuals who attacked Haley’s clothing choice.

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