REPORT: Weekend Trump Rallies Attacked, Media Silent

REPORT: Weekend Trump Rallies Attacked, Media Silent

( – President Donald Trump’s supporters are not staying silent while he contests the election. They want the commander-in-chief to know they have his back. That’s why they held the Million MAGA March in Washington, DC, on Saturday, November 14. Unfortunately, violent leftists also showed up.

According to reports from people on the ground, the Left interrupted the festivities in DC to attack and harass Trump supporters.

The media, of course, ignored it for the most part. CNN showed a few clips but it wasn’t the kind of sustained coverage that would happen if the president’s supporters showed up at a Liberal rally. Donald Trump Jr. pointed out the blatant media bias.

Republicans have been dealing with this kind of bias for years. When the media announced Joe Biden was the winner, some correspondents even cried in jubilation even though it wasn’t an official announcement. At every turn, they prove they don’t have integrity, and ignoring the assaults on Americans is just one more shameful act.

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