Report Unveils Biden Admin’s Failures During Afghanistan Withdrawal

Report Unveils Biden Admin's Failures During Afghanistan Withdrawal

White House FAILURE – Terrorists & Human Rights Abuses Reported

( – A year on from the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, the Biden Administration would love to forget that embarrassment. Unfortunately for them, a new House report shows the evacuation was an even bigger disaster than we thought. Now it turns out that over 800 American citizens could have been abandoned in the country as US troops pulled out.

On August 14, Republican members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee released the first report on their investigation into the US pullout from Afghanistan last August. The report slammed the Biden administration for failing to prepare; although President Biden announced the withdrawal last May, little was done between then and August to get ready for it. Then, when the evacuation actually started, it quickly collapsed into chaos.

Incredibly, the US Embassy in Kabul didn’t ask for military assistance until August 11 — just four days before the city fell to the Taliban. Then, when the extremist group did arrive, it offered to let US forces provide security around Kabul Airport, but the US refused. Instead, the Taliban handled security, and on August 27, an ISIS-K suicide bomber managed to kill 13 US troops.

Worst of all, the administration estimated at the time that around 100-200 US citizens were still inside Afghanistan when the evacuation ended and the airport was abandoned. Now we know that, since August 31 last year, the State Department has evacuated more than 800 Americans from the Middle Eastern country — and many more have been evacuated by veterans’ groups and others. Not only did the president make a mess of the retreat from Kabul; his White House tried to hide the severity of the screwup. Now, the House Committee is considering subpoenas to find out the whole truth.

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