Report Says Hackers Stole Sensitive Government Information

Report Says Hackers Stole Sensitive Government Information

( – Hackers in the Solar Winds data breach carried out a massive cyberattack on the US in 2020. Reports indicate bad actors hit the Texas-based IT firm and stole sensitive information from nine federal agencies, including Homeland Security during the attack.

American officials blamed the Russian SVR foreign intelligence service for the hack. The agency denied any involvement, but according to a new Reuters report, much of what was accessed and stolen was related to Russia. A source told journalists that the worst losses for the US during the attack were the breach of counter-intelligence matters against the former Soviet nation.

Microsoft, one of the private companies breached during the attack, issued an annual threat report where it discussed the attack. The company believes the spies were looking for information on US government sanctions and other policies against Russia. They reportedly searched for terms like “sanctions” in the data files. They were also trying to find out how law enforcement hunts for and catches Russian hackers.

The Department of Justice refused to comment on what was stolen in the attack. President Joe Biden has issued directives to federal agencies mandating more cybersecurity measures.

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